Expert Surgeon Advice For Lower Back Surgery

Due to age or accidents, people tend to suffer from severe back pain. Their condition can even worsen if they do not take effective treatment within the time range. In most of the cases, lower back pain is caused due to inflammation in the herniated or damaged disc present in the lumbar region. For this region, surgeons suggest them to undergo microdiscectomy procedure which eases their situation and after a couple of weeks rest, they can perform their duties properly.” informed a representative from Spine And Back Pain

Things from which you should refrain after the surgery

For few weeks after the surgery, it is very essential that you should not cause excessive stress on your lower spine, for this you should not lift heavy weights. Moreover, you shouldn’t bend your back quickly as it might cause damage to the tender tissues which needs healing. In case, you have to pick anything then prefer to bend your knees instead of bending your back.

Things which you should do to get better quickly

It is recommended to go on short walks after every 2 hours. A brisk walk will help the body muscles to become strong and you will also be able to increase blood flow in the body part. Furthermore, you also need to sleep on the side or on your stomach so that no strain is caused on your back. After surgery till the time your wound gets completely healed, it is recommended to take quick showers and refrain from taking long warm baths. This can cause septic in the wound and you might have to face grave consequences.

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