Tricks To Save Space In A Small Kitchen

Not all kitchens look exactly like the luxurious spaces one would find in glossy magazines – filled with storage spaces and large dining areas. The truth is that the majority of kitchens struggle with space in apartments where an inch can be divided to serve various purposes. For those of you who deal with small kitchens but who still want to make the most out of it, here are some easy tricks to follow:

Buy kitchen furniture that suits the measurements of your kitchen. Try ordering online if you are not sure you can find the required size for your furniture in conventional stores, but always choose quality. Remember that a qualitative piece of furniture will not only look expensive, but will also be more durable in time.

  • Add mirrors to enhance space: Cabinets with mirror doors will not only disperse the light better, but they will also attract more lighting, making your dining and cooking space larger without efforts.
  • Choose lighter furniture tones: Although painting your entire kitchen in white may not seem feasible, bear in mind that light colour tones will actually enhance your space. If you are willing to have all your kitchen furniture and tech devices painted in white, you can at least try contrasting it with a darker tone, but keep it in the pale chromatic. For instance, you can appeal to soft touches of wood or marble in light gray, peach, lavender, butter or baby pink.
  • Choose armless chairs: Kitchen stools with arms actually require more space than armless chairs, making them less efficient in a small kitchen.

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