Types Of Dental Services You Can Find

You can find some of the best dental clinics in Biggleswade that can help you deal with all problems related to your overall health. Dentistry is a wide topic as it involves different kinds of studies, treatments and diagnoses. Dentists are the surgeons that know how to diagnose and treat various oral diseases.

It is recommended to find expert dental services in Biggleswade such as St Andrews Dental Practice as per the problem that you have with your oral health.

The common dental services that you can get include:

Bridging:  It is a restoration method that is done to replace missing teeth. This is why it is also known as the partial denture fix.

Dentures and dental implants:  The dental practitioner that offers this service is known as a periodontist. There are artificial teeth in a dental implant that are affixed on a person’s jaw directly. In comparison with dentures, implants cannot be removed as they are fixed.

Dentures are artificial teeth that are used in place of the natural ones;they are made from plastic or metal.

Invisalign: Invisalign has become a popular choice in today’s time. It is an orthodontic treatment that uses 3D imagining technology. These aligners are perfect to use for teens, kids, and adults. Most people like the idea of using Invisalign teeth aligners as compared to traditional braces.

Fillings:  It is used by dentists to cover all kinds of holes that could be there in teeth. Amalgam is the material that is used for dental filling.

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