A Great Way For Young Individuals To Work Abroad

In a world dominated by speed, parents may find that they need a bit of help in their attempt to balance their career and their family life. These families usually have several options. They can either hire a babysitter, in order to have someone take care of their children for a few hours, while they’re away, or they can hire another type of nanny.

An au pair is usually a young individual (usually in his late teens or in his twenties) that will move in with a family in order to perform various tasks around the house. These individuals stay with the family for a certain period of time and receive a weekly allowance.

Most of them are selected from outside the country as the job is viewed as a work and travel experience. Also, the agencies that coordinate these opportunities usually prefer people who know the language of the country they are going to.

What are some of the responsibilities?

An individual that chooses to accept one of these contracts will first have to undergo a training program organized by the chosen agency. After that, once he or she has arrived and settled in the family’s home, the work starts. The responsibilities of an au pair are:

  • Helping the kids with their homework;
  • Washing dishes and cleaning then house;
  • Occasionally cooking for the children and bathing them;
  • Taking the children to parks or various activities;
  • Playing with the children and teaching them about new cultures and various aspects of the world;


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