Best Herbs for Detoxification – Ginger and Dandelion

Your diet, medications, supplements, city pollution or traffic, alcohol and smoking or an inactive lifestyle are all responsible for the accumulation of toxins in your organism. It makes no difference how careful you are from this point of view. It does not matter how healthy your diet is. After all, if some factors can be controlled, many others are impossible to deal with. Therefore, at some moment or another, a proper detoxification process is a must. Since the wintertime is the least active period of the year, the springtime is usually the ideal time of the year to begin a detoxification process to get rid of the unwanted substances in your organism. The detoxification can improve the power of your immunity system, but it also works on the metabolism in a positive way, not to mention about the intestinal tract. Normally, such a process should be adopted at every six months, although there are people out there who have never done it before.

In order to benefit from a healthy cleansing operation, you do not have to invest too much or restrict yourself. In fact, there are a multitude of herbs for detoxification. The dandelion and ginger are two of the most popular ones.


The dandelion is not just that plant you use to blow during the springtime when you are in the country side. In fact, it has some powerful detoxification and antioxidant characteristics. First of all, it can eliminate the water in the organism. The surplus can be harmful in the long run, while getting rid of it will also stimulate the water to get a few harmful substances with it too. Some proper levels of water inside your body will stimulate the metabolism in a natural and healthy way. Other than that, it has the negative property to overload and overuse most of your organs, so ensuring a proper level will basically bring in an appropriate use for those organs.

A healthy treatment based on dandelion tincture should take at least four weeks. It usually depends from one individual to another, but if you do not visit a specialist doctor to ask for advice, you do not need more than that. The treatment implies administering up to twenty drops for two or three times a day.


The ginger is one of the most common herbs for detoxification. It works on your organism in multiple ways. For instance, it can prevent the problematic bloating sensations, which may also lead to stomach pains. Other than that, the digestion gets to benefit from it too. All in all, such a natural treatment is healthy, clean, laxative and diuretic. Aside from the organism detoxification, the ginger also purifies your blood.

The good news about most herbs for detoxification is that they are natural and they do not interact one with another in a negative way. Therefore, you may adopt multiple such treatments at the same time. They are not costly and the positive effects will show up within a few weeks only.

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