Choosing the right Christmas card for your boss

When it’s that time of year again, Christmas cards are a must, mostly because you probably can’t afford t buy gifts for everyone you know, but not giving them anything could be a sign of rudeness. If some of your acquaintances would settle for a simple phone call and you wishing them all the best, social etiquette requires that you do a bit more for certain people. Amongst that group of people is also your boss. If you are simply terrible at picking gifts for people, choosing the right Christmas card for your boss will surely turn out to be puzzling. Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice, without looking too much of a cheapskate, nor too ridiculous.

First of all, you need to know a little bit about your boss’ personality. If he has displayed a strong sense of humor, funny Christmas cards are surely the right thing to go out. They could have maybe a funny image or a hilarious piece of text. If your boss strikes you as a more serious person, then you need to choose something formal, with a really respectful message. If by now you have not been able to figure out what your boss is like, then you should go with a simple card.

A good idea is to try to avoid religious cards. Some people are really sensitive when it comes to religion: some embrace it, others don’t care about it at all. No matter the case, it is a delicate subject that you had better avoid. Make sure that no matter what Christmas card you pick for your boss, it is a decent one. You need to avoid any kind of offensive messages and by that I mean cards that make fun of any group of people. Your boss may not enjoy that. Also avoid cards with profanity and nudity, these are also delicate things that your boss might not enjoy. Why risk it? Another recommendation is to go with a normal sized card. Extra large cards are generally dedicated to close friends and members of your family. Normal sized cards are more formal.

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